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The Matagorda County Birding Nature Center, located 1.7 miles
West of Bay City on Texas 35 South, covers 34 acres along the Colorado River.

The Center is located in Matagorda County which has been # 1 in the
prestigious National Audubon Society’s annual Christmas bird count.

The Center showcases the natural beauty and abundant wildlife of the area
The Center is great way to experience the great outdoors.

The site for the Center was selected because it contains examples of
almost every natural habitat found in the county including river, prairie,
wetlands, uplands, lowlands, creeks and streams.

There are over 3 miles of Trails leading you through beautiful landscaped
gardens, majestic oaks, ponds and waterfall. The birds and wildlife are abundant
and there are many benches strategically placed to let you blend into nature
giving you great photo opportunities or just observe.

The Center is a great place to unwind and enjoy the solitude and beauty of the area.

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